Realtime Database Service

Build low-latency, real-time apps without having to maintain the infrastructure. Rapid keeps your real-time data highly queryable by supporting rich filtering, ordering and paging.

  • JavaScript
  • Android
  • iOS

    .filter({ completed: false })
    .order({ priority: 'desc' })
    .subscribe(tasks => {
      console.log('My todo list: ', tasks)

  Rapid.getInstance().collection("todo-list", Todo.class)
    .equalTo("completed", false)
    .orderBy("priority", Sorting.DESC)
    .subscribe( tasks -> {
      Log.d(TAG, "My todo list: " + tasks);

  Rapid.collection(named: "todo-list")
    .filter(by: RapidFilter.equal(keyPath: "completed", value: false))
    .order(by: RapidOrdering(keyPath: "priority", ordering: .descending))
    .subscribe { result in
      switch result {
      case .success(let tasks):
        print("My todo list: (tasks)")

      case .failure(let error):
        print("Error occured: (error)")

Build Amazing Realtime User Experience

  • Collections

    Realtime non-relational data store accessible from client-side code. Collections allow for rich queries over auto-indexed documents.

  • Channels

    Deliver transient messages with minimum latency. Ideal for live notifications or realtime data streams from IoT devices.

  • Presence

    Build features like online indicators or typing notifications within minutes.


We Solve Common Challenges

  • Chat & Messaging

    Sync your chat messages with millions of users with our real-time database.

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  • Live Dashboards

    Let the data talk and start building live-updating charts, graphs, tables and maps.

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  • Collaborative Apps

    Enhance team productivity with real-time features and content that is always up-to-date.

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  • Realtime Geolocation

    Track and share location of multiple devices simultaneously.

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  • IoT Apps

    Connect, secure, manage and interact with your devices from anywhere in the world.

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  • Online Games

    Excite players and create games with real-time components.

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