How It Works

What Is Rapid

Rapidis a cloud-hosted service that allows app developers to build realtime user interfaces without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. It works as a non-relational data store accessible from client-side code. Clients can subscribe to a set of data and receive updates in realtime.

  • Collections

    Realtime non-relational data store accessible from client-side code. Collections allow for rich queries over auto-indexed documents.

  • Channels

    Deliver transient messages with minimum latency. Ideal for live notifications or realtime data streams from IoT devices.

  • Presence

    Build features like online indicators or typing notifications within minutes.

Why Is RapidUnique

Rich Queries
Rapidenables you to built complex apps by providing rich filtering, ordering and paging. Queries like “give me all incomplete to-dos ordered by priority” are easily expressed and always run fast.
Auto Indexing
No manual index configuration. All properties of all documents including nested objects are automatically indexed to make sure all queries always run fast.
Easily Explorable
The full featured data editor/browser allows you to develop fast as well as to get insights into production data. The real-time data browser stays fast no matter how many documents you store in Rapid.

And There Is More

Offline Support
Losing internet connection temporarily is a common scenario especially on mobile. Our native SDKs handle all offline cycles automatically. All subscriptions are updated and all changes synchronized when back on-line.
Declarative Access Rules
Access rules are expressed in a pure JSON and easy to test/validate. Rules like “only users with mututal interest can message each other” are declared in a few lines of JSON.
Collections & Channels
Rapidworks both as a JSON document store and a lightweight publish/subscribe interface.
Enterprise Ready
Multiple Regions / Encryption at rest / Premium Support / SLA / Automatic Backups
iOS, tvOS, macOS / Android / Browsers, React Native, Node.js

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