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Sync your chat messages with millions of users with our real-time database.

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  • Live Feeling

    Real-time interaction provides a sense of support and credibility and improves the overall experience of users.

  • Increased Sales

    More than 44% of online consumers say that real-time chat with a live company representative is one of the most important features that convinces them to purchase a product.

  • Improved Effectiveness

    You can transfer as little data as possible to send messages back and forth as quickly as possible without having to worry about message history and synchronization.

Suitable Solution for

  • Cross-Platform Messaging
  • Read Receipts
  • Typing Notifications
  • User Status Monitoring
  • Notifications and Alerts

Building chat and communication systems has never been easier. With real-time, interactive messaging apps, you can make your app feel alive. From group chat to private real-time messaging, with Rapid you can easily let users interact with each other.

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Surge is currently the fastest-growing gay-dating app on the US market and the most searched gay-dating app on the Apple App Store. By adding a real-time chat feature, Surge was able to engage more users. By using ad campaigns, ASO, social media influencers and other activities, Surge’s user base grew from zero to 3 million and its monetization jumped from $9,000 to $100,000 a month.

3MUsers4.6Stars Rating10MChats Sent / Month

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